Our Guarantee

exterior17We guarantee all our work for three years.  This guarantee is proactive: we will call you every year to ask if we can do a free checkup.  If you can make the paint available, we will come to your house, check the paint job and fix whatever needs fixing. This guarantee gives us a chance to fix paint problems when they are small.  It also gives us a chance to learn how to do better paint jobs.  And it gives us a chance to talk with our customers.

We are not able to give this guarantee when we paint with paint the owners have purchased.  Why is this?  Because most paints fade too quickly.  If the paint has faded in two or three years, the new paint we put on will not match.  We like to use California or Benjamin Moore paint because these paints have an intense color system that resists fading, which allows us to honor our guarantee.

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