Our company

Jim and EricOur family started Your Home Painting in 2004.  Jim worked year round and his sons Eric and Jeffrey worked during breaks from college.  Eventually Jeffrey moved to Florida and Eric became a school teacher in Salem (and paints every summer).

We call our company Your Home Painting to remind everyone that we are painting your home, not our project.  Because it is your home, we will ask lots of questions to make sure we paint your home the way you want.  Many painters use cheap paint, but we use high quality paint that will last.  When we paint, we are guests in your home, so we will make painting as quick and pleasant an experience as possible.

Unlicensed contractors will always paint for a lower price, but we don’t know why anyone would put the care of their home in the hands of people breaking the law.  We have proper bonding, insurance, and certification to paint residential and small commercial projects.  You can check the status of our contractor’s license by clicking here and entering our CCB number: 160001.

We look forward to serving you.

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