Exterior two story

We painted this house in July, 2017.  The owner was very involved, which we enjoyed (talking to us,helping us and suggesting things).
The siding was hardiplank, which always needs recaulking in the joints.  We removed any loose paint on the trim and primed the bare wood.  Then we pressure washed the house.
We were painting with California Fres Coat paint, which comes in flat, eggshell and semi gloss sheens.  The owner wanted satin sheen for the walls.  So we mixed eggshell sheen and semi gloss sheen in a ratio that resulted in satin sheen.  Our process worked.
Because of the dark colors, there was a lot of touchup.  Painting with these contrasting colors was very satisfying.
In 2017 we painted the exterior of 4 two story homes built after 1978.  The average price was $5,238.

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