Exterior older house

bielkeIn 1978, the U.S. outlawed lead based paint.  When we work on a house built before 1978, we need to assume that there is lead based paint unless a lead test shows differently.
We are a lead-safe certified company.  Jim has taken 8 hours of classes, and we have trained our crew to remove loose paint from houses built before 1978.  What is involved?

  1. We put thick 10 ft. wide plastic on the ground along the wall to catch paint chips.
  2. We make sure all windows are closed and we seal with plastic any doors near our work area.
  3. We exclude people from getting near our work area with caution tape and signs.
  4. We don’t use power tools to remove loose paint.
  5. Our workers put on Tyvek suits and respirators.

We painted this century old farmhouse in Brooks in August of 2016.  There were lots of bubbles on the siding, which usually means the house isn’t breathing properly.  We could scrape the bubbles and prime the area, but what about preventing future bubbles?  Usually bubbles are caused by vapor from inside the house, so we asked the owners to put vapor barrier primer on their inside walls before painting with wall colors.  The house was empty so repainting the inside walls was relatively easy.  We checked this house in August of 2017 and found zero bubbles.

In 2017 we painted the exterior of 11 one story older homes and 6 two story older homes.  The average price for 1 story older homes was $3,177.  And the average price for 2 story older homes was $5,267.

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