HaumbamerPainters need to be skilled at creating beautiful paint jobs that last a long time. But not all painters are skilled at choosing colors. My wife is skilled at choosing colors, so when we painted my house, my wife chose the colors.

How do people choose colors? Maybe they drive around town, talk to people at a paint store, talk to family and friends. However you choose colors, it is important that you confirm your choice using color samples. Once you know which colors you want, buy color samples of those colors and put the samples on your house. If they look like you want them to look, you have your colors.

Even picking which color samples to use can be overwhelming, so we have an added service. For our customers who hire us to do a more than $1000 paint job, we pay for one hour of color consulting by Shannon Campbell Designs. Shannon helped the homeowners choose the colors in this picture. Many of our customers love this perk.  (If you live outside Salem, Shannon will charge you travel time.)

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