Painters in Salem work hard in the summer and have time off during the winter. So this is a good time of year to hire us to do interior painting. Shayne and Jim have a flexible schedule during the winter. This is also a good time to get estimates for […]

January, 2018

We will be dodging rainy days this month but will continue to paint exterior projects.  With fewer painters.  Tori is going to a university in Tacoma.  Eric is teaching special education in Salem.  Martin will be doing substitute teaching in 4 school districts.  Shayne and Jim are the only painters […]

September 2017

When painting during hot days, we always stop painting when the temperature goes over 90 degrees.  The paint just doesn’t flow.  On really hot days, we start at 6 and finish at noon.

August 2017

Our crew is very efficient.  Many of our customers want to wait until September for painting.  This means that we can do more exterior painting projects this year.  Call right away to schedule a free estimate (503-363-6930).

July 2017

We just finished our first exterior in 2017.  This has been a wet spring.  Some news about estimates: we have contracts to paint 40 exterior projects which means our 2017 season is full.  We are doing exterior estimates for 2018.  It might be worth the wait.  We just got news […]

May 2017

Everyone in the Willamette Valley, including us, is tired of the rain.  We still haven’t painted our first exterior house for 2017.  We do have time to do lots of estimates, and we have contracts to paint about 30 houses, which will keep us busy until August.  If you need […]

April 2017